Balloon Decorating


Party Frenzy loves balloons. We can design organic or structural balloon decorations for your next event or party.​ 

Let us work with you to provide the balloons at your next party or event in the Perth area.

Balloons Perth

We are one of Perth's leading balloon decorating companies. Our staff have been trained by internationally renowned balloon experts and we are aware of the latest trends in balloon decoration design and construction. Our team has won awards with the latest being Australia's biggest balloon maze in 2017.

Balloon Delivery Perth

We deliver balloons.

Small orders placed before 10.30am Tuesday to Saturday can usually be delivered on the same day. The minimum order for balloon delivery in normal shop hours is $50 including the cost of balloons and delivery. The delivery fee is a combination of the volume of the balloons, distance/ time to delivery point, and time of day.

We can deliver every day of the year, however conditions apply for delivery on Sundays, Public Holidays and before or after hours.

It is common for us o be found delivering into Perth City at 6am, no request is is too weird for us!! We want to deliver your balloons when you want them!!

Helium Balloons Perth

Helium balloon images here.

We use Qualatex brand helium balloons. Qualatex is the preferred brand of latex balloon the world over. Cheaper balloons are available, but the float time, reliability and depth of colour are inferior.

Standard 28cm helium balloons will usually float for around 12 hours. We use and recommend Hi-Float additive to extend the float time of latex balloons to more than 3 days. 

Confetti Balloons Perth and Tulle Balloons Perth

Confetti balloon and tulle balloon images.

Confetti balloons are a bit more complex than just a few pieces of confetti stuffed into any old balloon. Our confetti sticks to the wall of the balloon, if you buy a confetti balloon online the confetti will just sit in a blob at the bottom of the balloon. 

We can make confetti balloons with metallic or paper confetti, so almost every colour imaginable is available.

Tulle balloons look elegant and classy, have a look at some of our images and see if they will suit what you are looking for. Tulle covered balloons make a fantastic statement piece and are suitable as wedding balloons or in reception centres or bar areas.

Baby Boy and  Baby Girl Balloons Perth

Baby boy balloons and baby girl balloons images coming soon.

Has your friend had a baby? Then why not help them celebrate by delivering some thoughtful and artistically designed balloons to them to make their joy even brighter!!

90cm Balloons Perth and Giant Balloons

90cm balloon images.

90cm balloons can be presented as tulle balloons, confetti balloons and reveal balloons suitable for baby showers.​​ 

We also can supply cloudbuster balloons in 1.2m, 1.7m and 2.4m diameter.

Balloon Arches and Balloon Columns

Balloon arch and balloon column images.

Party Frenzy is Perth's leading balloon arch designer and constructor. We can do free standing arches to 6m wide as well as string of pearl arches and free standing balloon columns.

Centrepiece Balloons

Centrepiece balloon images.

Our balloon stylists can design the perfect balloon statement for you. We love to try out new design ideas and to work with our clients to meet their needs for something unique and colourful.

Balloon Arrangements and Balloon Decorations

Balloon arrangement images.

The classical balloon on a weight staggered arrangement is still the best way to add colour and movement to a party. The minimum we recommend for larger dining tables is 3 balloons, although 5 is the best number and for the bigger venues you can go with up to 10 on a standard weight.

For a fantastic look we would suggest using 40cm or 60cm balloons, the size increase really makes the colours pop and stand out against any background. 

Event Balloons

Balloon decorating at larger events, images here.

At Party Frenzy we are right up on the latest balloon decorating ideas. Organic half arches and organic wall structures can all be made to your requirements.

Balloon Walls and Balloon Frames

Balloon wall images.

Balloon walls can be made in hundreds of colour combinations!! They are great to provide a backdrop for speeches or maybe a cake or present table. Balloon walls can also be free standing and can be constructed to any size.

Bubble Balloons

Fishing Balloons Perth

If you want to go balloon fishing at Quobba or somewhere else up north on the WA coast, then come on in and see us and get some fishing balloons and we can also hire out a helium gas cylinder to you as well.

Balloon Shop Perth

We are Perth's go to balloon shop. Bespoke balloons has a cool sound to it and it is what we do. No event is the same and no 2 people want the same for their party or function, so come on into our store or call us on 08 9355 2259.

Located just outside the Perth CBD in Rivervale, we have easy access to the City and also north of Perth via the Graham Farmer Freeway. What sets us apart is that we can be a one stop shop with balloon artists, costumes and costume accessories such as fake blood and liquid latex. As well as an extensive range of themed decorations and partyware.

Balloon Topiary Perth

Click here for topiary balloon images.

Topiary balloon arrangements have thousands of different colour combinations. We have made them for 21st birthdays, soccer and rugby parties in the team colours as well as for awards nights and 60th birthdays. They look smart and elegant and can be taken home by the guests at the end of the night as they will be usable for about a week after the event.

Gumball Balloons Perth

View gumball images here.

Gumball balloons are great for baby sex reveals and also for bursting above dance floors. Gumballs can be made with super clear bubble balloons to encase them or with latex diamond clear balloons. Up to 100 gumballs can be contained within a 3ft (90cm) balloon!!!

16th Birthday Balloons Perth

Having a 16th birthday? Then we have a large range of 16th foil balloons and also 16th latex balloons to brighten up your day. Why not surprise your friends with a memorable balloon arrangement from our talented balloonists.

21st Birthday Balloons Perth

Happy 21st birthday to you!!! Come on into our party superstore and get some 21st balloons and 21st birthday party decorations.

30th Birthday Balloons Perth

​Oh no the big 30!!! So if you don't mind turning 30, come in and see us for some 30th birthday balloons. We can make you feel young again with our custom creations made just for you.