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Follow this link to visit our Pinterest page for more of our fabulous creations of balloon arches in Perth

Fundraiser for 500 people? No problem

Opening of a shopping centre? No problem

Christening for a family gathering? No problem

We have constructed custom designed balloon arches  all over Perth. There are thousands of colour combinations and  designs and can be made to match team colours or Corporate logos.

Layered air filled arch 2.5m x 2.5m

Spiral air filled arch 3m x 3m

Aeropole air filled arch 6m x 3m
String of Pearls 11" Balloons
20 balloons $80.00

String of Pearls 16" Balloons

Horseshoe Arch

Under the Sea Arch

Winter Wonderland Arch

Crescent Moon Arch

Organic Half Arch

Perth Convention Centre balloons

Single Spiral

Jungle Arch

Flat Arch

Flat Arch

4 Colour Spiral Arch

Flat Arch

3 Colour Spiral

Crescent Moon Arch

Double Spiral

Flower Arch

3 Colour Aeropole Spiral

Linking Spiral Arch

Organic Half Arch

Popcorn Arch

7 Colour Rainbow Spiral with Clouds

Random Balloon Arch

Random Easter Arch

Reverse Spiral

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